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Children's Books

I have written and published four children’s books, comprising four story books and one cookbook, which has won two Gourmand World Cookbook awards. The storybooks are available in four languages (English, Arabic, French and German).

Expat siblings Thomas and Sarah are none too pleased when their mother takes them on a sightseeing trip with their visiting aunt. Until they meet an old man who tells them a magical tale about pearls hidden in seashells, the wind blowing through ancient houses and stars lighting the bedouins' desert journey. Through his story, they discover the secrets of Dubai that still exist all around us.

Cooking for your family is often a real challenge. The everyday madness of a household with small children can turn the preparation of nutritious meals into a seemingly unmanageable task. Don't worry! From the creators of A Desert Tale and Hadi and the Hunt for Ain comes a new cookbook that brings you 40 easy, family friendly recipes with illustrations that will capture the imagination of kids and parents alike. Get your children involved in crating delicious breakfasts, snacks and dinners- even the smallest toddler will enjoy lending a helping hand. The recipes in this book - focused around local ingredients and flavours - are a simple, healthy and fun way into cooking as a family.

On a camping trip to Dubai's desert, expat siblings Sarah and Thomas meet Bedouin boy Hadi and his faithful companion, the Saluki dog Ain. As they sit around the bonfire, Hadi tells his newfound friends about his country's history, from its beginnings as a vast desert where only the bedouins roamed to today's modern country filled with skyscrapers and people.

Thomas and Sarah are captivated as they listen to a tale about pirates, black gold and how seven desert rulers joined forces to turn sand into cities.

Bedouin boy Hadi lives in the desert with his family. When his best friend, the Saluki dog Ain, goes missing, he sets of to find her in a quest that takes him far into the sandy dunes. Along the way, he meets many of the Arabian Pensinsula's native animals, including an Arabian Leopard, a Jerboa and a Sand Gazelle. Will Hadi succeed in his frantic hunt for Ain?

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